Virginia Auto Donation Charity.

Donate auto VA for a good cause

Donate autos in Virginia

Donate Autos VirginiaDonating autos in Virginia is a great idea and it helps the kids in our programs. Your donated auto will fund many worthwhile opportunities for kids.

Virginia Auto Donations is important, and it’s something you can really feel good about.

Making a charitable Auto Donation Virginia was never easier. In fact, when you give your car to Donate Autos, we’ll do all the work. It’s simple, and all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

Fill out the online VA automobile donations form. It’s fast and easy to complete. If you prefer, you can call our donate automobiles call center at 877-742-8783 and speak to a real live person! You can call 24/7.

Whether you fill out the online Auto Donation Virginia form or call us, you’ll need to give us the location in Virginia where you want your donated auto picked up. Tell us the donated auto’s condition
          (running, not  running … your donated car does not need to be running),
          and if you have the registration and keys.

Once we have your automobiles information, we’ll immediately make arrangements to pick up your automobile donation in VA. Pick-up of   donated automobiles usually happens within 24-72 hours.

It’s not necessary for you to be there when your auto is picked up, but we will need to have access to the title and keys.

That’s it! Within a few weeks of your Auto Donation being sold, we’ll send you a receipt that will give you a $500 tax deduction you can use with Uncle Sam when you file your taxes. If we sell you car for more than $500
          the receipt will indicate that.

Donate Autos VA is dedicated to bringing opportunities to disadvantaged Jewish children. The money raised from your Virginia Auto Donation will do so much good for kids across the country. An added plus is the great way you’ll feel after donating your auto, knowing the proceeds will be put to use helping kids in so many areas.

Donate Autos VALet’s see: You get rid of an eyesore, you get a tax deduction, and the money raised from selling your auto will be put to work helping kids. That’s a win-win situation if there ever was one! Could donate autos Virginia for a great charity get any easier? Nope!

And a couple more points….

  • We’re not just talking about donating automobiles in Virginia here. You can also donate boats, motorcycles, RVs, trucks and trailers and any type of car. In fact, if it has wheels, we’ll probably take it.
  • Big point to remember: That donated automobile or vehicle doesn’t have to be in running condition. At Donate Autos we take them running, or dead! We will however, need the vehicle’s title.
  • Makes no difference if you’re in Alaska or Virginia, we’ll pick up donated autos in all 50 states.

And about those tax benefits.

Actually, it’s quite simple. Donate your automobiles in Virginia and get a tax deduction.

Here’s how it works:
When you donate your auto, the IRS will allow you to claim a tax deduction for the value of the vehicle up to $500. In many cases (and we work very hard at this!) we may be able to sell your donated car for more than that amount. If that happens, we’ll send you a receipt indicating that amount.      

As a recognized non-profit charity, when you Donate Autos Virginia it is fully tax deductible. When you donate your autos you save on taxes, and help us do great things for the kids!


We take pride in the efficiency with which we run our automobile donation Virginia charities. Where can I donate my auto in Virginia? Donate an automobile here!


When it comes to charity Auto Donations, we’d like you to think of Donate Autos. Our VA Auto Donation program works very hard in making certain that your donated auto will bring maximum value to you, with a tax deduction, and provide many worthwhile services and programs for kids. Donate auto VA to charity now!


How to donate used auto in Virginia?

So you’d like to know how to go about donating automobiles in VA? It’s simple and easy to donate automobile to charity. There are two ways to donate your auto. And they’re both as easy as can be. You’d like to know, what’s the quickest way to donate my auto? Do it online, right here. Takes just a minute and zap! It’s done. Just click here to donate used automobiles. But if you’re a traditionalist and would like to talk to a live, human being, we have them here, too! Just call 877-742-8783 and you’ll be connected to staff member who’ll take down all your information. If you’d like to donate a not running auto, we can take that too. Donating autos has never been easier. We’ll tow your automobile within 72 hours.We service all these areas in VA:

Albermarle Acres, Alexandria West, Algonquin, Algonquin Park, Alta Bay-Area, Alta Cove, Ancarows Landing, Archer's Green, Archer's Walk, Ash Hill-Estates, Ashland, Azalea Acres, Ballahack Road-Area, Ballentine Place, Barberton, Barraud Park, Bay Breeze-Point, Bay View, Bayberry Woods, Beaufont, Bel Aire, Belle Islands, Bellemeade, Bellevue, Belmont, Belmont Woods, Belt Center, Belvedere, Biotech and-MCV-District, Blackwell, Bolling Brook, Bon Air, Bowling Green, Braddock Heights, Braddock Road-Metro, Brandon Place, Brauers, Briarwood (Great-Bridge), British Camp-Farms, Broad Creek, Broad Rock, Bromley, Brookbury, Brookhaven Farms, Brookland Park, Bruce's Park, Bryan Park, Bryant Farms, Byrd Park, Calvert Square, Cameron Station, Campostella, Campostella Square, Capitol District, Capitol Square, Carillon, Carriage House-Estates, Carrytown, Carver, Carytown, Cedar Pines, Cedarhurst, Cedarwood, Chamberlayne Industrial-Center, Charlestowne Lakes-South, Cherry Gardens, Chesapeake Avenue, Chesapeake Colony-Estates, Chesapeake Gardens, Chesire Forest, Chesterfield Heights, Chimborazo, Chippenham Forest, Church Hill, Clark Farm-Estates, Clearfield, Clover, Cofer, Coleman Place, Colonial Place, Colony Point, Coronado, Cottage Line, Cottrell Farms, Country Club-Meadows, Court End, Creighton, Cromwell Farm, Crosswinds Area, Crown Point, Cruser Place, Cullenwood, Dail's Landing, Davee Gardens, Deerbourne, Del Ray, Diggs Town, Dock's Landing-Meadows, East End, Easton Place, Eastview, Edgewater, Edgewood, Eisenhower East, Elizabeth Park, Elkhardt, Elmhurst, Emarld Greens, Estabrook, Etheridge Lakes, Etheridge Pointe, Etheridge Woods, Eva Gardens, Fairfield, Fairlington, Fairmont Park, Fairmount, Faith Village, Fawnbrook, Ford Plant, Forest Hill, Forest Park, Foxhall, Freemason Harbour, Freemason Place, Fulton, Gambles Hill, Ghent, Gilpin, Ginter Park, Glasser Landing, Glen Allen, Glengariff, Glenrock, Glenwood Park, Goochland, Granby Park, Granby Shores, Grandy Village, Gravel Hill, Great Bridge-Gardens, Green Park, Greenbrier Woods, Greenhill Farms, Greenwood, Greenwood Estates, Greystone, Hanover, Harbor Walk, Harbor Watch, Hardy Field, Hewitt Farms, Hickory, Hickory Hill, Hickory Station-Estates, Highland Park, Highland Park-Southern-Tip, Highland Terrace, Hillside Court, Hioaks, Hollywood Cemetery, Hollywood Homes, Hopewell, Huguenot, Hull Street, Hunt Club, Hunter's Square, Indian River-Point, Inglenook Park, Ingleside, Ivystone, Jackson Ward, Jahnke, Janaf, Jeff Davis, John Marshall, Jolliff Woods, Kemp Woods, Kingstowne, Laburnum Park, Lafayette Shores, Lake Taylor, Lakewood, Lamberts Point, Landmark, Larchmont, Larrymore Lawns, Les Chateaux, Lilley Cove, Lindenwood, Loch Haven, Lochaven Estates, Malvern Gardens, Manchester, Maple Hall, Mariners Pointe, Marsh Creek, Mary Munford, Maury, Maymont, Maymont Park, Mayo Islands, Mcguire, Merrimac Landing, Metro King-St.-and-Eisenhower-Ave., Miars Farm, Middle Towne-Arch, Midlothian, Mill Creek-Harbor, Mill Pond-Forest, Millers Run-On-Old-Mill, Monroe Ward, Monument Avenue, Monument Avenue-Park, Mosby, Mt. Pleasant, Museums, Navy Hill, Newtown, Newtowne West, Norfolk Highlands, North Highland-Park, North Landing-Farms, North Ridge, Northeast, Northern Barton-Heights, Northrop, Northside, Norvella Heights, Norview, Oak Grove, Oakdale Farms, Oakleaf Forrest, Oakmont, Oakwood, Oakwood Cemetery, Ocean Air, Old Town, Old Town-Manchester, Old Town-North, Olde Huntersville, Olde Woodland-Estates, On The-Avnues, Oregon Hill, Oxford, Park Crescent, Park Place, Parkside, Parnell Industrial-Area, Partra, Peter Paul, Pierpointe, Pine Camp, Pinewell, Pinewood Gardens, Piney Knolls, Plantation Lakes, Plantation Woods, Pleasant Point, Pocoshock, Point Elizabeth, Poplar Hills, Potomac Greens, Potomac West, Potomac Yard, Powhatan, Powhite Park, Providence Park, Randolph, Reedy Creek, River Oaks, Riverfront, Riverpark, Riverpoint, Riverview, Robert's Village, Roland Park, Roosevelt Gardens-Area, Rosedale, Rosemont, Round Bay, Saddle Ridge, Sandy Heights, Saratoga, Sauer'S Gardens, Sawyers Mill, Scott'S Addition, Seminary Hill, Sewells Gardens, Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Park, Shockoe Bottom, Shockoe Slip, Shorewood Cove, South Bay-View, South Garden, Southampton, Southern Barton-Heights, Southwest Quadrant, Southwood, Spartan Village, St. Andrews-Place, Stadium, Stonebridge, Stonegate, Stonewall Court, Stony Point, Stratford Hills, Suburban Acres, Swansboro, Swansboro West, Swanson, Talbot Park, Tanners Creek, Taylor Run, The Diamond, The Fan, The Gardens, Three Chopt, Tidewater Gardens, Titustown, Tobacco Row, Turnbridge Station, Union Hill, Upper Shockoe-Valley, Van Dorn, Villa Heights, Virginia Union, Walmsley, Wards Corner, Warrington Hall, Warwick, Washington Park, Waterford, Waters Edge, Wayside Manor, Westhampton, Westlake Hills, Westover, Whitcomb, Willough Bay, Willow Lawn, Willow Oaks, Willowwood, Wiloughby Split, Wilson Heights, Wilton, Windsor, Windsor Farms, Winona, Woodbine, Woodhaven, Woodland Heights, Woodville, Worthington, Young Terrace,


We can also tow autos for free from any of these states:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,
Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,
, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming