Florida Auto Donation Charity.

Donate auto FL for a good cause

Donate autos in Florida

Donate Autos FloridaDonating autos in Florida is a great idea and it helps the kids in our programs. Your donated auto will fund many worthwhile opportunities for kids.

Florida Auto Donations is important, and it’s something you can really feel good about.

Making a charitable Auto Donation Florida was never easier. In fact, when you give your car to Donate Autos, we’ll do all the work. It’s simple, and all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

Fill out the online FL automobile donations form. It’s fast and easy to complete. If you prefer, you can call our donate automobiles call center at 877-742-8783 and speak to a real live person! You can call 24/7.

Whether you fill out the online Auto Donation Florida form or call us, you’ll need to give us the location in Florida where you want your donated auto picked up. Tell us the donated auto’s condition
          (running, not  running … your donated car does not need to be running),
          and if you have the registration and keys.

Once we have your automobiles information, we’ll immediately make arrangements to pick up your automobile donation in FL. Pick-up of   donated automobiles usually happens within 24-72 hours.

It’s not necessary for you to be there when your auto is picked up, but we will need to have access to the title and keys.

That’s it! Within a few weeks of your Auto Donation being sold, we’ll send you a receipt that will give you a $500 tax deduction you can use with Uncle Sam when you file your taxes. If we sell you car for more than $500
          the receipt will indicate that.

Donate Autos FL is dedicated to bringing opportunities to disadvantaged Jewish children. The money raised from your Florida Auto Donation will do so much good for kids across the country. An added plus is the great way you’ll feel after donating your auto, knowing the proceeds will be put to use helping kids in so many areas.

Donate Autos FLLet’s see: You get rid of an eyesore, you get a tax deduction, and the money raised from selling your auto will be put to work helping kids. That’s a win-win situation if there ever was one! Could donate autos Florida for a great charity get any easier? Nope!

And a couple more points….

  • We’re not just talking about donating automobiles in Florida here. You can also donate boats, motorcycles, RVs, trucks and trailers and any type of car. In fact, if it has wheels, we’ll probably take it.
  • Big point to remember: That donated automobile or vehicle doesn’t have to be in running condition. At Donate Autos we take them running, or dead! We will however, need the vehicle’s title.
  • Makes no difference if you’re in Alaska or Florida, we’ll pick up donated autos in all 50 states.

And about those tax benefits.

Actually, it’s quite simple. Donate your automobiles in Florida and get a tax deduction.

Here’s how it works:
When you donate your auto, the IRS will allow you to claim a tax deduction for the value of the vehicle up to $500. In many cases (and we work very hard at this!) we may be able to sell your donated car for more than that amount. If that happens, we’ll send you a receipt indicating that amount.      

As a recognized non-profit charity, when you Donate Autos Florida it is fully tax deductible. When you donate your autos you save on taxes, and help us do great things for the kids!


We take pride in the efficiency with which we run our automobile donation Florida charities. Where can I donate my auto in Florida? Donate an automobile here!


When it comes to charity Auto Donations, we’d like you to think of Donate Autos. Our FL Auto Donation program works very hard in making certain that your donated auto will bring maximum value to you, with a tax deduction, and provide many worthwhile services and programs for kids. Donate auto FL to charity now!


How to donate used auto in Florida?

So you’d like to know how to go about donating automobiles in FL? It’s simple and easy to donate automobile to charity. There are two ways to donate your auto. And they’re both as easy as can be. You’d like to know, what’s the quickest way to donate my auto? Do it online, right here. Takes just a minute and zap! It’s done. Just click here to donate used automobiles. But if you’re a traditionalist and would like to talk to a live, human being, we have them here, too! Just call 877-742-8783 and you’ll be connected to staff member who’ll take down all your information. If you’d like to donate a not running auto, we can take that too. Donating autos has never been easier. We’ll tow your automobile within 72 hours.We service all these areas in FL:

Aalndco, Airport Area, Alden, Alderman Park, Alexander Towers, Allapattah, Allendale, Allepattah, Alta Vista, Amaryllis Park, Apalachee Ridge, Aquarius, Arapahoe Farms, Argyle Forest, Arlington, Arlington Park, Arlington Towers, Armands, Arrowhead, Arvah Branch, Astoria Park, Atlanta Lake, Atlantic Beach, Atlantoc Whitecaps, Audubon Park, Autumn Woods, Aventura, Avondale, Azalea Park, Baileys, Bal Harbour, Baldwin, Baldwin Park, Banyan Oakridge, Bay Harbour, Bay Isle, Bay Meadows, Bayard, Bayfront, Bayou Oaks, Baypoint Park, Bayview, Beach Haven, Beachwood, Beacon Hills-and-Harbour, Beauclerc, Bel Air, Belle Air, Bellevue Terrace, Bellview, Belmar, Belmont, Benjamins Run, Betton Hill, Betton Woods, Biltmore, Bird Key, Biscayne, Black Hammock-Island, Blairstone Forest, Bobbin Brook, Boggy Creek, Bonaventure, Bosque De-Augustine, Bount Island, Bowden, Brackridge, Bradford Manor, Brandt Hills, Brent, Brentwood, Brickell Avenue, Brierwood, Britannia Quadomain, Brooklyn, Brown Island, Brownfields, Brownsville, Brunetti South, Bryn Mawr, Buchanan Center, Buckwood, Bulls Bay, Burns Square, Busch, Callahan, Camellia Gardens, Camelot Garens, Camelot Park, Cantonment, Capital Hills, Carrollwood, Carver Ranches, Carver Shores, Carvor Manor, Casey Key, Catalina, Catania, Cedar Hills, Celebration, Centerville, Centerville Trace, Central Business-District, Central Cocoanut, Charleston Square, Charter Point, Chases Ridge, Chateau De-Mer, Chateau Lafayette, Chattanooga Park, Chemonie Crossing, Cherokee Park, Chesapeake Place, Chimney Lakes, China Grove, Circle Beautiful, City Island, Clear Lake, Cleveland Terrace, Clifton, Cobblestone, Coconut Grove, College Park, Colonial Town-Center, Colonialtown North, Colonialtown South, Colony Cove, Commonwealth, Confederate Point, Conway, Copper Creek, Copper Hill, Coral Gables, Coral Way, Countryside, Coytown, Cranston Terrace, Craven, Crescent Park, Cresthaven, Cross Creek, Crown Colony, Crystal Springs, Deercreek, Deerwood, Del Rio, Delaney Park, Devilliers, Dinsmore, Dixie Belle, Dover Estates, Dover Manor, Dover Shores-East, Dover Shores-West, Downtown Miami, Downtown Orlando, Downtown Partnership, Downtown Sarasota, Downtwon Miami, Driftwood, Duclay, Durward, Duval, Eagle Bend, Eagles Nest, East Central-Park, East Hill, East King-Tract, East Little-Havana, East Park, East Side, Eastport, Eastwood, Edgewater, Edgewood, Elberta Empire, Empire Point, Engelwood Park, Englewood, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fern Creek, Fernandina Beach, Finleys, Flagami, Flamingo Manors, Florida Center, Florida Center-North, Fort Caroline-Shores, Fort George-Island, Foxcroft, Frank, Garden City, Garfield, Garrisons, Gillespie Park, Gilmore, Girvin, Glen Oaks, Glen Oaks-Estates, Glendale, Glynea, Golden Eagle-Plantation, Golden Gate, Golden Glades, Golf Terrace, Goodby's Creek, Gracewood, Granada, Grand Park, Green Cove-Springs, Greenfield Manor, Greenland, Greenwood, Grove Park, Gulf Breeze, Gwynndale, Haralson Estates, Harbinwood, Harbor Acres, Harborview, Heartwood Hills, Herlong, Herring Subdivision, Hialeah, Hibiscus, Hidden Hills, Hidden Lakes, Hidden Valley, High Colony, Highgrove, Highland, Highlands, Hillcrest, Hogan, Holden, Holden Heights, Holly Hills, Holly Oaks, Hollyford, Homestead, Hosebins, Hudson Bayou, Hyde Park, Imeson Park, Indian Beach, Indian Head-Acres, Indian Oaks-Townhomes, Inglewood, Islandia, Islands, Isle of-Palms, Jamestown, Janie Poe, John Ringling, Johnson, Johnson Trust, Johnson Village, Julington Creek, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Killarney Shores, Kimberton, King Charles, Kinhega Landings, Kinsail, Kirkman North, Kirkman South, Kirkwood, Lackawanna, Lafayette Oaks, Lake Cherokee, Lake Como, Lake Copeland, Lake Davis, Lake Dot, Lake Eden, Lake Eola-Heights, Lake Fairview, Lake Forest, Lake Formosa, Lake Frederica, Lake Fredrica, Lake Greenwood, Lake Holden, Lake Jackson-Heights, Lake Lucina, Lake Mann-Estates, Lake Mann-Gardens, Lake Nona, Lake Richmond, Lake Shore-Village, Lake Sunset, Lake Terrace, Lake Underhill, Lake Weldona, Lakebreeze, Lakes Of-Emerald-Hills, Lakeshore, Lakeview, Lakeview Heights, Lakewood, Lancaster Park, Landover Hills, Laurel Park, LaVilla, LaVina, Lawn Acres, Lawsona, Lenox Mill, L'Etoile, Liberia, Liberty City, Liberty Hills, Lido, Lido Key, Lido Shores, Lincoln Gardens, Lincolnwood Towers, Linwood Gardens, Linwood Manor, Little Haiti, Little Hayana, Little Marsh-Hill, Loma Doone, Longboat Key, Longbranch, Loretto, Lorna Doone, Los Robles, Losco, Love Grove, Lucerne Woodlands, Luna Pines, Mabry Manor, Magnolia Gardens, Mahan Circle, Main Street-Merchants, Mainsail, Malibu Groves, Manasota Key, Mandarin, Mapleridge, Marietta, Mariner's VIllage, Maxville, Mayport, Mcbride Hills, McClellan Park, McGirts Creek, Meadow Hills, Meadowbrook, Meadows, Meadows Woodrun, Mecy Drive, Medley, Melody Hills, Mercy Drive, Meridian Hills, Meridian Park, Merry Oaks, Metro West, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens-Manor, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Miami Springs, Miccosukee Hills, Miccosukee Meadows, Midtown, Millenia, Mini Ranches, Mint Hill, Miramar, Mixon Town, Model City, Monclair, Moncrief Park, Monterey, Monterey Park, Morris Court, Murat, Murray Hill, Myrtle Grove, Navarre, Neptune Beach, New Liberia, New Malibu, Nokomis, Nordine Heights, Normandy, North Bay-Village, North Central-Pensacola, North Hill, North Miami, North Miami-Beach, North Northwest-Pensacola, North Orange, North Port, North Trail, Northampton, Northeast Coconut-Grove, Northeast Pensacola, Northlake, Northside, Northwest Pensacola, Oak Haven, Oak Hill, Oak Valley, Oakhill Farms, Oakridge, Oakwood, Oakwood Manor, Oceanway, Opa Locka, Orange Park, Orlando Executive-Airport, Orlando International-Airport, Ortega, Orwin Manor, Osceola Forest, Osceola Heights, Osprey, Otis, Over Town, Overtown, Pablo Bay, Pace, Palafox, Palmer Ranch, Palomar, Panama Park, Park Brook-Crossing, Park Central, Park East, Park Highland, Park Lake, Park Ridge, Park side, Parkhill, Parkside, Parramore, Paver 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We can also tow autos for free from any of these states:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,
Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,
, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming